About Us | Company Introduction

Geotechnical & Environmental Company Limited is established for providing services in the field of civil engineering by conducting geotechnical investigations such as topographic surveying. quality control assurance on soil, concrete and asphalt, piling and micro-pilling work, structural analysis, all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our principal objective is to benefit our clients in both public and private sectors, with consulting and contracting services of high professional standards and technical consulting and competence which has been accomplished by joining professionals and specialists in the field of our services and supplementing this group with, well trained technical personnel, laboratories of international standards, instrumentations of high accuracy and latest up to date field sampling and testing equipment. Regardless of the size of the project and whether it is in the field of engineering practice, research or quality control assurance, we will approach it with quick response and appropriate expertise to meet specifications and critical schedules.

When either your project or activities require the type of services we are able to provide, Geotechnical & Environmental Company Limited would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

The activities of geotechnical department include materials testing, soil investigation for construction purpose, geological and geophysical studies, topographical surveying and testing of agricultural soils. Our geotechnical department includes the following sections.

Concrete Section

In this section all experimental and field tests for fresh and hardened concrete are performed in addition to the quality tests of materials used in the concrete industry and compare the results with the standard specifications also in this section concrete mixes design are prepared according to the required specifications.

Cement Section

In this section all the required tests for different types of cement will be done compared with standard specifications such as measuring the fineness of cement, determination of water cement ratio, initial & final setting time of cement and also the compressive strength.

Asphalt Section

In this section we can do all the necessary tests on the ready-mix asphalt, all quality tests on the bitumen and MCI RC2. As well as the materials used in the manufacture of asphalt mix and match the standard specifications with test results. Also we have the capability to design and prepare different types of asphalt mixed.

Steel Bars Section

The steel bars section includes the hardware tools for testing samples of steel bars, compares specifications and find out their suitability for use in construction work such as testing of yield & tensile stress, bending set the rate of elongation.

Tiles, Interlock, Bardorah, and Masonry Units Section:

This section includes sophisticated equipment for testing the tiles, interlock, Bardorah, and Construction materials of various kinds such as to set dimensions, weight, density, water absorption, compressive strength and resistance to abrasion.

Geotechnical Soil Investigation & Backfill Materials Section:

This section includes high technology equipment for the field and laboratory tests for backfill materials. Soil and rock mechanics are studied in order to set the properties and behavior of backfilling for construction when exposed to design loads.

Agriculture Soil Section

Physical and chemical properties of agricultural soil are investigated to set the suitability for agriculture use.

Water Section

Chemical analysis of water sample to determine the suitability of water to be used in the construction work, such as, percentage of chlorides, sulfates, total dissolved salts and pH while for the groundwater samples will be analyzed to determine the impact of salts on the surrounding soil and concrete construction.